How our temples affect how we look

The temples, located on either side of the face above the cheekbones, are fundamental to the overall structure and balance of the face. When well-proportioned, they contribute to a youthful, healthy appearance. However, as volume loss occurs in the temples, it can lead to a hollow or sunken appearance, which can create an unbalanced and aged look. This is where our specialized treatments step in, aiming to restore volume and contour to this vital facial area.

How we lose volume in our temples

As we age, our body's natural production of collagen and elastin, proteins responsible for skin firmness and elasticity, decreases. This reduction, along with other factors like bone resorption and fat loss, can lead to a hollowing effect in the temples. This loss of volume in the temples is a common but often neglected sign of aging that can significantly impact a person's overall appearance.

Restoring lost volume to the temples

One of the most effective ways to replenish lost volume in the temples is through dermal fillers. These are injectable treatments that can add volume and smooth lines and restore the youthful contour of the face. By carefully injecting fillers into the temples, we can subtly enhance facial proportions and create a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

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Benefits of temple enhancement

Temple enhancement, often achieved with dermal fillers, has numerous benefits that contribute to a more youthful and balanced look. These include:

  • Enhancing a youthful appearance: With age, our faces naturally lose fat, leading to hollowing in the temples. Temple fillers can restore volume in these areas, giving you a more youthful look.
  • Providing a non-surgical facelift: The injections used in temple fillers can offer a mini facelift without the need for surgery. The filler acts like an inflated cushion, supporting facial tissues and providing a lifted look.
  • Improving facial proportions: Filling in the temples can improve the overall balance of your facial features. Younger faces tend to be triangular, so restoring this shape can help you look younger.
  • Creating an eye lift effect: Some types of fillers can replace lost collagen and provide support to the outer eyebrow area, creating a filling and lifting effect around the eyes.
  • Rejuvenating the forehead: In addition to the temples, enhancement can also be achieved in the forehead area, giving the upper part of your face a rejuvenated look.
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Types of fillers used for temple rejuvenation

At Ageless by Renata, Renata Yafasova utilizes high-quality dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium hydroxylapatite for temple rejuvenation. These fillers are known for their excellent safety profile and ability to provide natural-looking results. They work by attracting water to the area and stimulating collagen production, thereby replenishing volume and promoting skin health.

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Why your choice of injector matters

Choosing the right injector for temple fillers is crucial. The temples are delicate areas that require precise care and an expert understanding of facial anatomy.

Renata applies the same meticulous approach and advanced techniques she uses for lip corrections to temple fillers. Using only the highest quality products, she performs these procedures with minimal discomfort, less pain, and decreased chances of bruising and swelling.

The goal is always to achieve the most natural-looking results, correcting asymmetries and ensuring that the shape and balance of the features are harmonious. Clients love their results, finding that their enhanced temples bring a natural balance to their overall facial appearance.

Am I a good candidate for temple filler?

Temple fillers can benefit anyone experiencing temple hollowing or those who wish to enhance their facial proportions. However, the best way to determine suitability for this treatment is through a personalized consultation with Renata, who will assess your needs and recommend a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

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What is the recovery from temple filler?

One of the significant benefits of dermal filler injections is their minimal downtime. While some mild swelling or bruising may occur post-treatment, these effects are temporary and typically resolve within a few days. Most patients can return to their regular activities almost immediately after the procedure.

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Why choose Ageless by Renata?

With over eight years of experience in aesthetic medicine, Renata Yafasova is a trusted name in the field. Her commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, combined with her dedication to delivering personalized care, makes Ageless by Renata the ideal choice for your aesthetic needs.

At Ageless by Renata, we don't just enhance your looks; we help you feel your best at every age. Trust us to address your temple rejuvenation needs with professionalism, expertise, and a personalized approach that prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction. Begin your journey towards a more youthful and confident self with us.

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