European training and expertise

Renata’s journey in aesthetic medicine is a tapestry of experiences gathered from the United States, Russia, and Europe. Her global education has not only honed her skills but has also ingrained a unique approach that blends various European techniques. Renata has an artist’s eye for natural beauty and a commitment to achieving sophisticated, understated results.

Look younger, naturally

Our mantra, “Look younger, naturally,” underpins every treatment. Renata’s methods are crafted to enhance your inherent beauty, ensuring that the outcome is as natural as it is striking. Her techniques are designed to make you look refreshed and vibrant, mirroring the version of you from a few years ago, but better.

Client-centric approach

Understanding that each individual is unique, Renata dedicates time to consulting with clients and crafting personalized treatment plans that produce stunning outcomes. This bespoke approach ensures that every client’s journey is as individual as their results.

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Renata Yafasova

Innovative techniques and quality products

Employing the latest in next-generation injection techniques and using only the finest products available worldwide, Renata ensures minimal discomfort and downtime. Her commitment to using advanced, safe, and effective methods is unwavering.

Advanced techniques

At Ageless by Renata, we specialize in face and neck rejuvenation using hyper-diluted Radiesse. This advanced technique is highly effective, ensuring a painless experience with no bruising and impressively fast results. We tailor the dilution of Radiesse with either platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or normal saline, depending on skin quality and patient preferences.

Our treatments stimulate natural collagen and elastin production, leading to younger-looking skin with increased elasticity and smoother texture. Patients experience a comfortable, quick procedure with rapid results and no downtime.

Renata uses only the highest quality products for lip corrections, employing advanced techniques to achieve the most natural-looking results. Her expertise in lip injection techniques minimizes discomfort, pain, and the likelihood of bruises and swelling. The goal is to achieve perfectly balanced, natural-looking lips that bring out the beauty of your features.

8-point full face beautification A European approach to natural beauty

This procedure offers a transformative experience with very short or no downtime. Using a minimal number of injection points, we achieve better results with minimal risk of swelling and bruising. Our approach includes:

  • Assessing patient suitability for the chosen product.
  • Identifying areas of volume loss to address wrinkles, folds, sagging skin, and hollowness.
  • Selecting anatomical areas with minimal vessels to prevent bruising.
  • Providing the best results without overfilling the face.
  • Patients often express astonishment at the youthful, refreshed look achieved in just a 30-minute procedure, with no downtime, recovery, or pain.
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Imagine looking like you did years ago – with our help

In the heart of Manhattan, a city synonymous with sophistication and style, Ageless by Renata stands as the leader in aesthetic excellence. With our European approach, we combine the finesse and subtlety of European aesthetics with the latest advancements in rejuvenation techniques. Here, Renata Yafasova’s extensive training and unique artistry deliver an unparalleled experience.

Our commitment to natural, understated elegance, personalized treatments, and meticulous care make Ageless by Renata not just a choice but a destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of luxury, efficacy, and the beauty of European grace in Manhattan.

Keeping You Young Beautiful, Natural, You

Experience superior results in aesthetic rejuvenation at Ageless Youth by Renata. Please schedule your appointment today to discover the transformative power of our European approach to beauty.

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